7 Tips for an Exceptional Dissertation Proposal

7 Tips for an Exceptional Dissertation Proposal

Suppose you have been studying hard to get that degree at your university. You have been an excellent student and completed every task there has ever been. Now all you have to do is to write a dissertation and defend it at the proposal. You can write your dissertation yourself or employ the help of professional dissertation writing services that may even write your dissertation proposal. But regardless of whether you write it yourself or with a little help, you will still need to defend it at the proposal yourself.

Defending your dissertation at the proposal is not a hard thing to do, but it is extremely important, which is why it always gets people much more nervous about it than they should be. This is why we hope to decrease the level of stress by putting together some tips on how to write an exceptional dissertation proposal text and have everything nice and ready for the dissertation proposal proper.

1. Conquer Your Nerves. As mentioned before, a dissertation proposal is always a stressful thing to go through, it takes significantly more nerve than it deserves. The best and most obvious way to overcome this stress is to be confident. And if you want to be confident, you need to practice a lot. So, try and read your dissertation proposal to anyone willing to listen – your sweetheart, your friends, your parents, your neighbors. Then, collect as much feedback as you can and analyze it. Sort out the comments that you deem constructive and of use, and apply them to rework your dissertation proposal to make it better.

Apart from that, you can also consider some general advice on how to be less of a stressful person: try yoga or quandong, get good sleep every night, eat healthily, drop your bad habits, etc. At least, for the time when you are occupied with your dissertation.

2. Gain Experience. As mentioned before, it is great to know just what exactly awaits you. The more details you know about the process of defending a dissertation at your school, the better you can prepare. But not only that – the fewer details remain unknown, the more confident you feel.

Some schools have their dissertation defense hearings public. Check out if your school is one of those, and attend every dissertation defense hearing you can. If you can choose which dissertation defense hearing to attend, then choose them by two criteria: first, choose those where your professors will be present, and second, choose those where the dissertation topic is close to yours.

If the dissertation defense hearings are not public at your school, then you can always ask your colleagues who have already defended their dissertations about how it went. If you have a choice, then you can prioritize the same way: first, you ask those with the same professors, second you ask those with similar topics.

3. Know Your Work. Remember that the commission at the dissertation defense is not interested in your overall knowledge of the subject. It is important, but it is your dissertation that you are protecting. Now, boasting your good command of the subject can be a very attractive idea, but this needs to be avoided because it is not the right place for that. Instead, your dissertation proposal has to be heavily focused on your dissertation as such. You need to know it by heart, down to the smallest and most unimportant (seemingly) details. You need to be prepared to answer the most scrupulous questions that you may be asked by the commission. Which is why you need to know every little bit of the text. So, once you are ready with your dissertation a,d your dissertation proposal text, go through your dissertation in full as many times as you can afford so you cannot be taken aback by an unsuspected question.

4. Knowledge is Power. The process of dissertation defense may vary between different universities, so there are no universal rules as to how exactly the defense should go (for example, the duration of speech per one speak may be shorter or longer). So, gather all the possible information regarding your university’s procedures and keep it in mind at all times – most importantly when writing your dissertation proposal. If possible, use a dissertation proposal sample that should be available at your university’s library or directly from one of the professors. Also, whatever advice you hear regarding dissertation proposals, always remember to check and double-check whether it is applicable for your university.

The more you know, – the better you can plan and control the process of your dissertation defense, the more smooth it goes, and the less stress it gives you in the end.

5. Be Laconic in Your Summary. The summary is the means for you to present your dissertation to the commission. This is why it must be representative. It is the face of your entire body of work if you will. It should include everything you did in a clear, comprehensive, and good-sounding way. Be recommended to avoid metaphors, rhetorical questions, and other stylistic devices. Also, go easy on the scientific term, because you don’t want the commission to get the impression that you are trying too hard to sound smart.

It is a good idea to employ dynamic power verbs to make the text of your dissertation proposal flow easily and be perceived with less effort that it would otherwise be perceived. This way, you will give the reader – which is the commission in this case – the overall lighter mood, which is good for the positive outcome.

By all means avoid being unnecessarily long by throwing in the words and constructions that serve no purpose other than expanding the text. These are unnecessary epithets, introductory constructions, etc. They will only irritate the commission.

Besides, remember to mention everyone who has helped you or influenced you while you were working on your dissertation.

6. Stay Cool. At the day of your dissertation proposal, as well as the day before, try and dedicate your time to some other activities which do not suggest any stress whatsoever. Do something relaxing. You can cook something nice, you can take a nice walk in the park or on the beach, or you can just chill at home if this is what you like. Just avoid any frantic studying the day before your dissertation proposal. You have been preparing for this for quite some time now, and you are well prepared already. So, before the Day X it is best to chill and relax the way you want so that you came to your dissertation proposal fresh, rested, and full of energy.

Please be recommended to avoid any alcohol or other substances, and – if possible – coffee and tobacco. These things will render you less concentrated and your mind less effective.

7. Look Presentable. As mentioned before, you need to stay calm before, during, and after your dissertation proposal. You need to radiate calmness and confidence. Obviously, you can and should aid that by a sharp look. Put on something nice – it can be official, but normally it does not need to be too strict because you don’t want to alienate yourself. Also, take care that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear at this important event because any discomfort will be a distraction that will influence your performance in a bad way. No detail should be omitted here: suit, underwear, shoes, watch, jewelry, – everything is important: it needs to be sharp-looking and comfortable.