How to Manage Your Time Effectively When You’re a Freelance Writer.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively When You're a Freelance Writer
Ability to find a balance between different projects is one of the essential skills for successful freelancing. Time management is a must for everyone who decides to quit office job and start working at home. However, most writers forget about the necessity to correlate available time with the number of orders. This is a common disbelief based on the prejudice that freelancers have more time than in-office employees. In fact, they do not have more time. But they manage it by themselves so they could organize their work properly. With our list of tips and strategies for freelance writers, you will find out how to manage time effectively and keep up with job, hobbies, and family.

Benefits of schedules

Benefits of schedules Do not try to keep everything in your head. To complete everything on time, you need to set priorities to your tasks and create a schedule. If you have several urgent orders, choose the most complicated ones and start to work on them immediately. If there are no urgent tasks, but all of them are long-lasting, create a plan for several weeks. And don’t forget to include some extra time in case you might need some help with custom writings. For more effective results, create a general schedule for a week and schedule for each working day. In this way, you will be able to plan your workload. Schedules are also effective for organizing your life. Include hobbies, vacations, cleaning of apartments, walking your dog and other daily routine tasks in your schedule.

Time management strategies: Pomodoro, POSEC method, and ABC analysis

Time management strategies Along with a schedule, a writer should implement a time management strategy. There are different methods, but all of them have the same goal: to help you organize your time and increase your productivity. Besides, these strategies are crucial for creative people who frequently lose the count of time and spend days working on one and the same problems, forgetting about other urgent tasks. Pomodoro method was developed in 1980, and today it is believed to be one of the most popular ways of managing work. According to it, a person needs to follow these steps:
  1. Set the task.
  2. Set the timer for 25-30 minutes (the time may vary according to the preferences of a person).
  3. Work on the task (it is crucial not to distract and not to spend this time on other issues).
  4. When the time is over, this part of a job is completed and a person can continue with further tasks.
  5. After 4 periods of work, a person takes a long resting pause (up to 30 minutes) and starts with the 1 step.
POSEC method can be implemented along with Pomodoro technique. The main idea of this method is organizing all tasks according to the template:
  1. Prioritizingthe most crucial tasks from less important.
  2. Organizationof regular tasks that you perform daily.
  3. Streamlining tasks that you are obliged to do.
  4. Economizingtime for performing the most urgent tasks.
  5. Contributing time to the least important things.
For a freelance writer, ABC analysis is the basis for coping with all tasks.
  • A – selecting the most urgent tasks
  • B – selecting important tasks that should be done in the soonest time
  • C – selecting the least important issues

Necessity of normal daily regime

Frequently, brand-new freelancers neglect a normal daily regime: they sleep till afternoon, work at night, avoid leaving their apartments, and disregard physical exercises. Frequently,-brand-new-freelancers-neglect-a-normal-daily-regime They take more orders and work for all time they have. In the most hopeless cases, freelancers start to avoid social life and even do not contact with their friends, limiting their social circle by customers. The first month or two they do not notice how this regime affects their lives and productivity. However, lack of physical activity, fresh air, and proper sleep influences the general condition. Fatigue and loss of concentration are the first signs of a malicious regime. To avoid problems with your health, include physical exercises and regular walks into your daily schedule. Also, try to change your daily regime: sleep at night (when you sleep in the dark, melatonin is produced), and work at the day time. Check the most productive hours and set them as a time for working. Being a freelance writer, working for a custom writing service  or  any other firm at home can be a challenge for people who have problems with managing time. However, following our tips it is possible to make the first step to effective working at home. Remember to create schedules, implement management techniques and take care of your health, and with time you will start to get benefits from freelancing!